Hello, and welcome to my head.


It’s a website, but wait, there’s more. This is a website of cartoons, writing and some other, uncategorisable things, by one of the many people in this world, who goes by the name of Simon French. The work on here is all original, but not ‘Original Gangsta’, that’s something else entirely. Most of it is on THE BLOG, and there is also a CARTOON PORTFOLIO of work and an ongoing cartoon strip called ‘THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF MONKEY BOY’. It will hopefully make you laugh, then think a bit, then laugh again, then cry, then go and put on a moleskin hat, then laugh one more time, and finally, take a moment to consider this life; a life that can make you stop dead in the street, feeling unfathomably-deep, emotional pain, at the meaningless nature of existence, the sheer emptiness and futility of it all, and yet, in the very next moment, you might witness a man walk full-square into a bollard and remember that it’s really all ok.

Along with all them words above…

…the link below will take you to the ‘SHOP’ in which you can buy the book ‘THE BOUNCY MOOSE AND OTHER CARTOONS’, so do it, you know you want to.

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…will take you to ‘THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF MONKEY BOY’, which is an ongoing cartoon-strip, about the famous Monkey Boy, a creature of unparalleled charm, wit, honesty, love and inner-pain.