A brilliant new ‘Why did the chicken…’ joke, with explanation

Pre joke explanation:

A friend – called Jared – hit a chicken while riding his bike today. Then another friend- called Richard – sent an email with the line ‘So basically you were out riding on cocks last night?’. Normally his company filters out emails with rude words in, like: cock, fuck, shit etc, but only on incoming emails. Clearly swearing outwards from the company is fine. Another friend called Conrad likes dressing like a wizard.

Anyway. Here’s the outcome.

Man: Why did the Heathcoat email filter not filter outgoing email for words like c*cks?

Chicken: I don’t know, why did the Heathcoat email filter not filter outgoing email for words like c*cks?

M: To get to the other side!

C: What?

M: It’s a chicken joke.

C: I don’t understand?

M: Try crossing that road, there is an explanation on the other side.

C: Ok.

Sound of bicycle, then frantic squawking.

M: Hi Jared, how are you doing?

Jared: Did you just see that! I hit a chicken.

M: Yeh, I know.

J: Why didn’t you stop him?

M: Look, I’m a very busy team manager at South West Water, and I need to go now because I have to dress as a wizard.

J: Weirdo

Jesus: You have killed a chicken and now you must die in an alike way.

J: What the f*ck

J2: You killed a chicken, that’s a bad thing.

J: Well not really, not compared to wizard boy!

J2: Well I can’t really touch him, he’s kind of all powerful, but in a bad way.

J: Oh.

Richard: Alright Jesus, alright Jared, alright Satan, alright narrator.

J/J2/M/S: Alright Rich.

C: Can someone help me please, I’m still alive!

J2: Stand up and walk my son.

C: Ahgrr my legs, they’re broken!!

J2: Yeah, I was only joking, you’re actually going to die.


Cartoons and things by Simon French

www.thebigeyes.co.uk and www.graphoftheweek.com

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