An amazing newly discovered Leonardo da Vinci sketchbook uncovers revolutionary bread cutter design

While Leonardo da Vinci is known throughout the world for designs such as: flying machines, armoured cars, machine guns, various boats, pencil cases, hats made of meat and telescopic toothbrushes, the scope and breadth and variety and extent and range and scope and breadth and variety and extent and range of his invention and his engineering genius, has been yet further expanded, by the recent discovery of a previously unknown sketchbook.

The book is currently being studied at the Leonardo Donatello Raphael Michelangelo Turtle Power! Academy, in Florence, Italy. The sketchbook is being studied by the world renowned expert in Renaissance invention, Dr Splinter Go Turtles.

Dr Go Turtles has been unpicking the remains of the book and the initial reports are that this will re-establish Leonardo as the single greatest human being in all of history, above Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Jesus, all of whom had gone above him in the league tables.

The image below is the only photograph taken of the sketchbook to have been released by the Leonardo Donatello Raphael Michelangelo Turtle Power! Academy. It depicts an amazing design for a micro-adjustable bread slicer that is thought to have been designed for Leonardo’s great friend and companion, the celebrated German window cleaner Otto Von Hofenotter.


The design includes a micrometer and can cut down to a thickness of 0.09354627mm

[Click on photo to enlarge why don’t you]

Dr Go Turtles believes the bread slicer was a multi-use item and is likely to have been designed for alternative use as: a hovercraft, flying machine, gun, mouse-trap and toilet, although this may just be speculation on the Dr’s part.

If you are interested in finding out more about Leonardo da Vinci, then please read some books about him, of which there are a lot. You can’t expect us to hold your hand, after all, Leonardo didn’t have any help, except from Otto Von Hofenotter.

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