Designed for Slater (Nigel Slater), the ‘El Bastardo’ board, boasts the greatest ever graphics to slap a wave’s face off.

This board is named ‘El Bastardo’ after the famous Spanish surfer, known only as ‘Bastardo’.

Close-up view of the nose. You will see that Bastardo is depicted on the nose. The drawing is taken from a brass rubbing, of a stencil, of a tracing, of a photograph, of a pencil sketch, of a potato cut, of oil painting, of a lithograph, of a doodle, of a cave painting, by his wife, Susan.

This is the tail of the board, sometimes known – in surfing circles – as the warlocks temple.

New speed safety signs for rear of freight transport vehicles, suggested by UK government, questioned by FTA

Sign for the back of all trucks using UK roads will read as below: “If you are going 70mph and you can read this 50mph sign, then your stopping distance is 40 metres further than it would be if you were travelling on a train from Glasgow to Edinburgh at 10am. If you were to […]

A genius idea to cut environmental carbon impact of factory based manufacture to zero

The below extract from an environmental report from Professor Simon French – Director of special ideas at ‘La Institut des idées spéciales’, Newcastle, France – is set to revolutionise factory production in the UK. [Click on image to enlarge]

‘NEW’, the ‘Electro Loaf, Slice ‘n’ Cut Training System’, no more tears of pain in the kitchen

Do you have trouble doing simple tasks, do your slices of bread look like you were being repeatedly hit in the face while you cut them, well never fear, just try the new ‘Electro Loaf, Slice ‘n’ Cut Training System’. The system will indicate when you have achieved the correct angle and alignment, with a […]

Innovation still the name of the game for Apple iPod partners, as the handy new ‘iWhale’ charging system is released

Cartoons and things by Simon French

The epic new ‘Quadrem Ranger’ mountain bike, a revolutionary design from the workshop of Simon French Bikes PLC

The ‘Quadrem Ranger’ (sponsored by Land Rover), is a four person off-road bike, with fully independent personal drive mechanisms, braking systems and suspension for each rider. The team at Simon French Bikes PLC is proud to announce that they have just signed a consultancy deal with Eduardo Intercoursy, the world famous designer of the Gillette […]