Monkey Boy joins operation Yewtree


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UKIP success means the lifting of the Farrage-balloons!

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‘Beards of The World’ 2013, a classic year

Previously known as ‘Beards of Britain’, the ‘Beards of The World’ 2013, breathed new hair on to the chins of all associated with the competition. With the change of name for 2013 and with two brand-new competition categories announced – including the first ever ‘Bearded Lady of Britain’ competition – competitors, judges, spectators, cleaners and […]

A very worrying illustration/diagram for a garden plant

The image below shows the danger of letting the creative mind free on illustration projects. It is advisable to always check the details of projects before signing them off, as it is the little things that slip thorough (so to speak), that can cause problems later on. [Click on image to enlarge (will enlarge whole […]

Just what you all need, a cartoon about windows

Isn’t it amazing how much condescension builds up on old windows. [Click on image to enlarge]

Monkey Boy Cartoon 14 – Monkey Boy’s Mothers Day Card

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Two drawings of tigers, probably the most accurate representations ever seen.

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Monkey Boy Cartoon 11

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A recently discovered painting by Sir Henry Percivil Steaksmear ‘Spherical and nearly spherical fruit, 1989″

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Monkey Boy Cartoon 10

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