Monkey Boy Cartoon 01


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A newly discovered sixteenth century drawing, of the famous ‘Don Dampwristo de la Torbaygo’

Don Dampwristo, although a real life sixteenth century character, is best known as the fictitious hero of two fifteenth century novels, by the Spanish writer, Miguel de Crustacian. The novels are called: ‘Don Dampwristo rides’ and ‘Don Dampristo rides again’. These epic stories (each running to well over two-thousand pages), are based around the Don – alongside his trusty […]

My favourite birthday card ever, received from my friends two year old daughter, Lara.

Unfair fights of the animal Kingdom. The beginning of a new cartoon series, or not, depends if I can be bothered to carry on.

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A mechanically created, aluminium man’s extraordinary life, has led him to the end of the world

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A little collection of cartoon faces, based on the same original drawing

New Doctor Who images have been released, that capture a surprisingly light side to a Dalek’s off-screen life

The photo below shows Daleks relaxing off-set, during a recent shoot for the new Doctor Who series. Erasmus Cockinghandle – a trainee cameraman on the shoot – told of his surprise at seeing the game in full swing(ball), “I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw them, but they’re always playing Swingball, they really […]

A cartoon about a childhood moment

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Forget the recession and the depression; celebrate ‘Beards of Britain 2012′, as the finalists are announced

After the very disappointing turnout for the 2011 competition (see below), the judges for the 2012 competition were not optimistic of a great showing in 2012. However they were taken aback by the quality of entrants and the range of designs on show. The most satisfying element was the return of many old bearded faces […]

A genius idea to cut environmental carbon impact of factory based manufacture to zero

The below extract from an environmental report from Professor Simon French – Director of special ideas at ‘La Institut des idées spéciales’, Newcastle, France – is set to revolutionise factory production in the UK. [Click on image to enlarge]