Taster of the new ‘Alternative Electronic Spanner’ album by DJ Poison Goblin Hands, titled ‘Wicked Marsupial Hands’, Track 1, ‘Hat of Cats’

The album, ‘Wicked Marsupial Hands’, will be released on the independent ‘Spanish Broth’ label in November 2010 and is the third album by DJ Poison Goblin Hands.

DJ Poison Goblin Hands will be releasing his 2026 North Korean tour information next week at the Totnes branch of Superdrug, where he will also be demonstrating his latest range of latex cooking tools.

Please click on the link below for the sample.

Hat of Cats

[Click on link above to play track]

Cartoons and things by Simon French

Early preview of the latest gangsta rap from MC Stabby Stab, in praise of the ale, Suck the Doom – EXPLICIT LYRICS

Suck the Doom I refuse to mix my drinks; I like my ale, so get the fuck down the boozer where that shit’s on sale If you want to come join me for a couple of pints, you’ll fucking find me in the bar, most every night You know my favourite tipple, I like to […]

New and fresh Gangsta rap star MC Dicky (Bow) releases ‘South Kensington Shit’

South Kensington Shit, by MC Dicky (Bow) I’m currently smoking some marijuana in my crib, I’m trying to write this rap but my biro’s lost its nib My bitch is coming over later and we will be having some fun, I think she’s going to bring a game, probably Rummikub, which is my favourite one […]

Exclusive free gangster rap about wrapping by MC B-Day (not bidet)

I don’t rap for fun, my wrapping’s conditional. I wrap cause it’s your birthday and wrappings traditional. Cartoons and things by Simon French and

New exclusive preview of latest gangsta rap by MC Tricycle, ‘Fuck that penny farthing shit’

In the eighties I had spokey dokes, now I fuck da police, slap bitches and toke, And for all you two wheel punks on bikes, I got one on you fuckers, I ride a trike. Yeah on three wheels is the way to be, it’s fuckin stable, un-fuckin-like-me, So get the fuck off your pussy […]