A genius idea to cut environmental carbon impact of factory based manufacture to zero

The below extract from an environmental report from Professor Simon French – Director of special ideas at ‘La Institut des idées spéciales’, Newcastle, France – is set to revolutionise factory production in the UK.

Full report available with 9 tokens from special packs of 'Frosties', because "Only Frosties have the answer to global environmental meltdown".

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Exclusive free guide to geometry, gain a new understanding of the properties of space & make Euclid, Pythagoras & Descartes proud

Do dogs dream? Are cats happy? Does a mouse get lonely? Where do crows cry?

There is a general belief that all animals are stupid, empty, shallow wastes of time and even the touch of their claws/paws/hoofs, on this fair earth, is a sickening blight; but is this true? Recent research by Dr Andhors Andhors, of The International School of Bolivia (ISB), has thrown doubt on the above and is […]

An amazing newly discovered Leonardo da Vinci sketchbook uncovers revolutionary bread cutter design

While Leonardo da Vinci is known throughout the world for designs such as: flying machines, armoured cars, machine guns, various boats, pencil cases, hats made of meat and telescopic toothbrushes, the scope and breadth and variety and extent and range and scope and breadth and variety and extent and range of his invention and his […]

New discovery of hillside chalk drawing in Catford, Lewisham, causes thefts by local teachers

From the Uffington White Horse, with its abstract beauty, to the Cerne Abbas Giant, with its large chalky erection, the hillside patterns created by the alcoholics of yesteryear have always inspired wonder in the simple and the poor. Since the discovery – in 1901 – of a life-size depiction of a chalk shrew, on the […]