Just what you all need, a cartoon about windows

Isn’t it amazing how much condescension builds up on old windows.


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An elementary Thatcher joke

“She’s the lady who put the Fe in Female.”

A joke set in a travel agents. Fill in the blank to make it either A. Funny, B. Not funny, C. Confused, D. He never got on the train

Customer: I’m going on holiday to the collectivité territoriale, ________. Can  you tell me what language they speak there? Travel agent: Course I can.   A HINT, not because you need it, just because I like the hint: If you said Killer-whale vomit, but in a different way, it would be an anagram of that, […]

Cartoon/joke, about the abusive relationship between Kermit and his crockery

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A brilliant new ‘Why did the chicken…’ joke, with explanation

Pre joke explanation: A friend – called Jared – hit a chicken while riding his bike today. Then another friend- called Richard – sent an email with the line ‘So basically you were out riding on cocks last night?’. Normally his company filters out emails with rude words in, like: cock, fuck, shit etc, but […]

A joke, ‘A man walks into a bar…’

A man walks into a bar with a bunch of grapes crudely Sellotaped to his face. The barman asks what he’d like to drink. The man asks for a strong glass of Gluvine. The barman laughs and tells the man that while that punch line is reasonably funny, it isn’t as funny the joke about […]

A joke about fish and drugs

Cartoons and things by Simon French and

A Joke. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Sorry, that should be ‘the farmyard’, and it wasn’t a chicken, it was a lady, and she wasn’t crossing it, she was just standing in it. So, Why did the lady stand in the farmyard? Actually I don’t think this is a joke, I think it was just […]

Two new Doctor, Doctor jokes, fresh from the head of a man

1. Patient: Doctor, Doctor I’m getting very stressed. I just opened up my own medical practice and no one turned up. Doctor: With cases like this, I suggest you need to have patience. 2. Patient: Doctor, Doctor, I keep getting stabbing pains in my legs and shoulder. Doctor: That’s because I’m repeatedly stabbing you in […]

A Joke about a man going into a bar

A man walks into a bar and says, I’d like a pint of lager. The barman turns to his assistant and asks her to pour a pint of larger for the man. The assistant pours the drink and then asks for £3.20 as payment for the drink. The man pays and then drinks the larger […]