A very worrying illustration/diagram for a garden plant

The image below shows the danger of letting the creative mind free on illustration projects. It is advisable to always check the details of projects before signing them off, as it is the little things that slip thorough (so to speak), that can cause problems later on.


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Two drawings of tigers, probably the most accurate representations ever seen.

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A genius idea to cut environmental carbon impact of factory based manufacture to zero

The below extract from an environmental report from Professor Simon French – Director of special ideas at ‘La Institut des idées spéciales’, Newcastle, France – is set to revolutionise factory production in the UK. [Click on image to enlarge]

How on earth do you tell Cats from Dogs? A basic visual study of the species, from the latest ‘Natural Pet-Love Magazine’.

Countryside Guidence Part 1. 8 noises that will help you, if you’re caught in an awkward situation with a depressed bullock

Creeeoooo (sound of a buzzard) Aieee-ek-ek-ek (nasal sound from the belly) gerffeLAM (use once only, then take a single pace backwards) Moo Moooo Moooooooo Baaaaa (confusion tactic) Mooobaaaa (confusion tactic) Notes: Never use ‘Baaaamooo’, or any variant form of this sound, it will cause distress for all concerned. In the unlikely event that the bullock […]

The new and guaranteed eight-week super diet, from Susan ‘Fat Man’ Berton’s Veg Shack, North Shore, Hawaii, Swindon, Nigeria

Week 1. Beetroot Week 2. Smaller beetroot Week 3: Larger beetroot (back up to the same size as week 1) Week 4: Larger beetroot (larger than both week 1 and week 3) Week 5: Smaller beetroot (surprisingly, smaller than week 2, much smaller than week 1 and 3 and even smaller than week 4) Week […]

Seven words that will help you deal with an awkward situation, involving weasels

Hallway Scroll Influence Projection Diet Agricultural Fruity These words should be used sparingly and individually. After each word use, time should be taken to check upon the effect of said word, on the weasel, or weasels. If no effect is witnessed by the word sayer, it is an indication that the word was: pronounced incorrectly, […]