Part 11 of the genius new novel ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Terror, love, fear, tin helmets, Mrs Slefton and more!

“Stand aside, stand aside you fool, let me get to the patient.”

The echo of a doctor’s words reached Lupin the cat’s ears and it came from the deepest depths of the universal pit, from a forgotten world and a time many moons before the intergalactic atrocities.

Lupin sat still and rolled the words around in his mind; he kept them clean and supple, making sure they were content, he needed to make them last, they may be the last words he’d ever hear.

Arthur, Peralopolies and Mrs Slefton waved goodbye to Peter the robot child.

“Goodbye Peter my love!” called Mrs Slefton through her tin space helmet, forgetting that the words would be lost in such thick tin. “This tin is thick”, she thought, “It really is thick tin.”

Peralopolies unhitched his space pants and lowered the retaining lever, while Arthur engaged his girlfriend and pressed the ‘Go’ button. The shuttle started to lift off the ground, “We’re away, we’re away!” screamed Arthur.

Little did Arthur know, there was another passenger on the shuttle, one who would change the fate of the voyage and in doing so, spill some tea and bring on the end of time.

Part 10 of the novel ‘The Cat that Reversed Time’. This unfinished novel is already shortlisted for the Booker, Cooker and also Hooker Prize

As he sipped his broth from the new copper punnet, it dawned on Arthur that all strange things that had happened to him in the last few days, had happened largely because of Lupin the cat’s experiments with the reversal of time. He ventured this hypothesis to Peralopolies, who immediately removed his pants and struck […]

Part 9 of the sensational new novel ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Includes Lust, drugs, death, war, and other words that people might search for.

“I love you.” As the word left Lupin the cat’s mouth, he realised his mistake; the robot from the future let out a scream of terror and reversed straight back into the time portal, thereby ending all chance Lupin had of returning home. At that very moment, in another place and in another time, Arthur […]

Part 8 of ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Arthur experiences a reddening of both hands and Peralopolies instigates a Coup d’etat

“Call me… Ishmael”, said Peralopolies, as he read the first line of Moby Dick. “Ishmael, go and put the standard resuscitation headlock on Mrs Slefton this instant”, instructed the heavily sweating mouth of Arthur. He was now leaning against the new brick-lined portcullis, feeling exactly like a man holding a small neutered man in his […]

Part 7 of ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Mrs Slefton puts a kindle of kittens into the oven and the pictures appear!

All is lost cried Arthur, as he wiped the feline spittle from his now ruined paisley tunic. Mrs Slefton picked up the kindle of kittens and walked, like a woman prisoner on her way to play badminton, towards the kitchen and the pre-heated oven that awaited them. “Tardy…Tardy…Tardy…Tardy…”, at least the Tardionator is still running […]

Part 6 of the incredible new novel, ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. The Stuka attack and the contemplation of Lupin

Rápido, rápido de buceo, para la cubierta, van a venir y en un poco de velocidad! Arthur did his very best impression of a man diving under a table; this involved a simultaneous smashing head-long into the edge of said table and also the blocking of an elegant and textbook dive that Peralopolies had performed. […]

Part 5 of the exclusive and revolutionary new novel, ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Time has coagulated and tastes of chicken.

Arthur sat back against the heavily upholstered left leg of Mrs Slefton and considered the possibilities that todays yesterday held for them all. Lupin – for that was the cats name – was now fully de-inverted and stood beside the door, gracefully straddling time; his hind legs stood in the present past and his fore […]

Part 4 of the developing SF novel, ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Arthur sees a thing outside, and the cat has a thought!

“Liquids, liquids for sale.” The cry came from the small window that Arthur had designed for the wall. Arthur was surprised that sound could travel through such thick air, as yesterday had brought, but he accepted the cries as being actualities of the present and for the first time in three years, looked upon the […]

Part 3, from the new and exciting novel, ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’, the inversion contiues. Roll on Man Booker Prize.

Once all of that was over, it seemed that it was done and completed and finished off, to the point that there was nothing more to do and it was at an end and tied up and concluded and complete. “There’s still more to do” said Arthur. Peralopolies removed the towelling from what remained of […]

Part 2 of ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’ a developing novel by Simon French, To be continued… (Available for the Kindle and ipad)

It was the day after the night before the day that had preceded it, and the room had the atmosphere of a hopeless conversation. Arthur and Peralopolies sat and watched, as the cat continued to invert itself. The first sign of the inversion had started the minute Mrs Slefton had closed the door. Arthur conjectured […]