Fear on the streets of London, fear on the streets of Haribo. Upsetting image of ‘Goldbear Shower’.

I found this in my packet of sweets and wouldn’t normally put a ‘Look what I: saw, done, ate, had sex with, shot in the head, whipped in to a frenzy, touched inappropriately’  on to this hallowed space, but here it is.


[Click on photo to enlarge, if you dare]

Cartoons and things by Simon French

Little known sporting facts No.186, Usain Bolton had full leg casts when he won the 2009 Jamaican 100m sprint trial

It is only very recently that cameras have been developed with high enough Frames Per second (FPS), to capture the startling images. Although it was known that Bolton was running with a genital cast – due to an unfortunate ‘rice and peas’ related incident – his coaches had kept it under wraps that he had […]

Incredible un-edited pictures of lightning hitting the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Taj Mahal

These are actual, un-edited, non-photoshopped, bona fide images caught by top international cameraman Rectilion Hindlebunker. Quite unbelievably, Mr Hindlebunker took all four images on the same two week camping holiday. Previously to this, Mr Hindlebunker had spent an unsuccessful fifty-seven years trying to get a photograph of a ‘Jerk’ of lightning, and having never actually […]