Spoiler design for skeleton-bob

The picture below is the helmet manufacturer’s response to the International Federation of Bobsleigh and Tobogganing (FIBT). It clearly shows that the spoiler is ‘integrated’ and ‘integral to the design’.

A Romantic Poem

Roses come in multiple colours, violets, while in the main alike in colour, certainly range in tone quite significantly I am an Asexual Hammerhead shark.

Ivon Iraravavich – A life in poetry, part 1

Born in Budapest in 1871, to a German father (Klaus) and an Egyptian mother (Susan). Ivon was raised, from the age of two, by his older sister Imelda (married to a Argentinian waiter), and his Dutch/Welsh nanny Gwynn-Hock Thomas. He published his first collection of poems, aged seven, titled Szeretem a kalapom (I like my […]

Ivon Iraravavich – 1957 self-portrait series

A self-portrait by the poet Ivon Iraravavich, drawn in 1957 when he was 86; the portrait is one of 407 self-portraits by the poet, made over a period of three hours.

The Poetry of Ivon Iraravavich

Below is a link to a little known recording of Ivon Iraravavich’s most famous poem, Dum (The House) Ivon Iraravavich – Dum The poems text in full:

An Epic Poem set in Newton Abbot

Sing, O goddess, about Duncan, son of Clive Smith, that brought countless ills upon Newton Abbot. Many a brave soul did it send hurrying down to Torquay, and many a fit bird did it yield a prey to dogs and that, for so were the counsels of Clive fulfilled from the day on which the […]