A new song based on the answerphone message a friend left me, it’s got um good beat.

The story behind one of the most famous songs of the late 20th century, in the words of the man behind it.

Exclusive extract from DJ Slaptruncheon’s tribute to the Beach Boys song ‘Surfer Girl’, I feel it holds true to the original, with the same gentle charm and harmonic sweetness

Please listen to this on headphones, or on speakers other than the computer ones, as you won’t get the full dynamic and harmonic range on rubbish speakers. Tribute to Beach Boys Surfer Girl [Click on the above link to play the track] Cartoons and things by Simon French

A song, ‘Sunlight in the Rat Race’, with extracts from Jimmy Reid’s Alienation speech.

Sunlight in the rat race [Click on link above to play song] Cartoons and things by Simon French

Taster of the new ‘Alternative Electronic Spanner’ album by DJ Poison Goblin Hands, titled ‘Wicked Marsupial Hands’, Track 1, ‘Hat of Cats’

The album, ‘Wicked Marsupial Hands’, will be released on the independent ‘Spanish Broth’ label in November 2010 and is the third album by DJ Poison Goblin Hands. DJ Poison Goblin Hands will be releasing his 2026 North Korean tour information next week at the Totnes branch of Superdrug, where he will also be demonstrating his […]

The beginning of a brilliant blues song, called ‘The Paradox Fish Blues’, by Billy J R Spankstone

I don’t know how I’m feeling when I sing these things to you, But I know I’m feeling happy when I’m singing out the blues. Now that may sound paradoxical, I reckon that’s the case, So let’s get over it this evening, with a lovely dinner I’ve knocked up, which is a very simple fishy […]