A FREE begginers guide to Noughts and Crosses tactics. Session 1 is offered totally free of charge.

The Guide below is taken from ‘The Noughts and Crosses Tactical Compendium’, developed by the Dutch Grand-Master, Chang Chang Peterson. The compendium is the most comprehensive guide to the tactics of noughts and crosses since Harry Berelovich’s 1987 book ‘Touch has no meaning, when you are lost in the sea of sand’. The book is fully¬†illustrated¬†throughout and includes a DVD of Chang Chang training, at temperatures of -30 degrees in Siberia. For more information on the book and to find you nearest retailer, please visit the never-to-be-developed website

A-begginers-guide-to-Noughts-and-Crosses[Click on image to enlarge]

Designed for Slater (Nigel Slater), the ‘El Bastardo’ board, boasts the greatest ever graphics to slap a wave’s face off.

This board is named ‘El Bastardo’ after the famous Spanish surfer, known only as ‘Bastardo’. Close-up view of the nose. You will see that Bastardo is depicted on the nose. The drawing is taken from a brass rubbing, of a stencil, of a tracing, of a photograph, of a pencil sketch, of a potato cut, […]

Olympic torch goes out, raising serious questions about the decision not to stick to the original self-lighting version

Exclusive look at Team Sky’s new ‘Penny-Tandem’ design for 2012 Tour de France

The image below has been smuggled out of the Team Sky development complex, on the planet Zynalon 5, by a crack team of Lycra clad ninja children. It shows the new – UK designed and manufactured – road bike, that will hopefully carry Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins to their respective glories, in the 2012 […]

How to get past the pain barrier. A guide for athletes and sportsman.

Athlete (A): Why are you standing in my way? Mr Pain (M): I am a barrier. A: Ow! Why did you hit me? M: I am Mr Pain. A: You’re an idiot. Now get out of the way and stop hitting me. M: No. A: Seriously, get out of the way, I’m in the middle […]

The ultimate descent position, as seen in Le Tour de France 2010

As Andy Schleck found out during Le Tour, you can lose a fair amount of time to another rider if you don’t have the correct descent position. The image below gives you the perfect aerodynamic descent position, as designed by top scientists at ‘L’Institut Aerodynamique’ in Rotherham. Riders on Le Tour can reach speeds of […]