Johnny and the Predatory Rainbow

The rain had just finished when Johnny opened the curtains and looked out, across the yard of his family’s farm. The light was softened by the remaining haze and the bleariness of his still sleep-weary eyes.

The yard was quiet, except for the young calves that Johnny had helped his father deliver the night before. Already on their feet, they rolled around, tentatively nosing the ground and flinching at the slightest movement.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a flash of spectrumial light; red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue, “I can see a rainbow”, shouted Johnny, and it’s attacking the calves.

At that moment Johnny’s father burst into the yard, splintering the old wooden gates into kindling, with the front end of his tractor; seeing Johnny standing at the window, he screamed “Get down, for the love of God, get down”.  Johnny didn’t hesitate, dropping his body, like a lead-filled pheasant. Just before Johnny slipped beneath the sill of the window, he glimpsed his father launch himself bodily from the tractor seat, holding aloft what appeared to be a large glass prism.

Gundog and Julie – Chapter 14

Julie and Albert stood gazing at a mountain of birds; which stretched both as far and as near, as the eye could see. Julie imagined the faces of all the pheasants, buttered, with a mixture of paprika and salt coating their cheeks and at the same time searched the carcass mountain, for the distinctive shape […]

Life on The Mosquito Farm

My day starts at 6.13; I get up, wash my face and hands, clean my scrotum and my ears and have breakfast. At 6.14 I gather up my tools and hat and make my way down to the fields. At 6.15 I start to turn the soil to release the Mosquitos At 6.16 I am […]

Kirsten’s Tweak

Mr Joseph Kusov is one of the first men to undergo Kirsten’s tweak; an innovative piece of brain surgery, concentrated mainly on the hippocampus, that affects the patients memory and invites ‘creative and expressive’ abilities, that tend to remain dormant, or repressed, in the general populous. Kusov puts his hand on my shoulder and we […]