Does this even work?


The 2011 budget will be a twenty-point shopping list for Mr Osborne’s next holiday

Fedora Mouse food Girl’s hairclips (canary yellow) Extra thimbles Fox mask Girl’s bracelets (canary yellow) Food for mice Sun cream (factor 17) Flippers Strong hemp security straps Snack for the mice Sweatbands (like Pat Cash’s ones when he won Wimbledon) Dremel 300 Series Multitool with 30pc accessory pack Mouse nibbles Silk scarf (canary yellow) Blue […]

Moooo! A short question about animal noises, that’s all it is, don’t read it if you’re not interested.

Dogs go ‘Woof’. What is the most famous onomatopoeic animal sound I wonder? Maybe the aforementioned ‘Woof’, maybe ‘Meow’, maybe ‘Moooooo'; probably ‘Mooooo’, but also maybe ‘Moo’, or ‘Mooo’ and at a push, if I was a risk taker (not the biscuits), I would propose that there is a possibility of ‘Moooo’ being there or […]