Delicious recipe for cheeks, from new cookbook ‘Meat from the face’, by Heston Blumintrousers, Jamie Olivoil and Delia Scag

The book is an exploration of cooking from around the world, concentrating in particular on meat dishes based on cuts taken from the face of animals. Below is a list of various interesting meats included in the books:

Scrabble (lips, snout, eyes) – US South

Calf’s head – France

Pig’s head – Hungary

Sheep’s head – Norway

Goat’s head – Africa + Cannary Islands

Battered Seal Face – Shetlands

Gibbon’s Eyelashes – Portugal

Mouse nose on lettuce – UK

Bat’s teeth – Shetlands

Squirrel brains – US South

Roasted animal cheeks (Otter preference) – River Dart, Nr Totnes, South Hams, Devon, UK

The illustration below is from the ‘Cheeks’ chapter in the new book and this particular photo was taken at the home of a man called ‘King Otter’, who Heston Blumentrousers met when he was out punting on the River Dart in late summer 2010.

[Click on image to enlarge]

King Otter has lived in ‘Otter Castle’ on the banks of the Dart for the last twenty-five years. He moved to the area following the unfortunate loss of his job in 1985 as a director of a large multi-national, the subsequent break-up of his marriage and loss of all of his outer garments in a fishing accident.

There is a biography of King Otter planned for release in 2012 and a seven part documentary series planned on the BBC.

The book ‘Meat from the face’, is to be released in time for spring 2011, when lambs faces are readily available in the UK.

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A list of 25 words that you might want to use in conversation today, 23/02/11 – including the under-used ‘Cruciate’

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Delicious homemade seafood chocolate recipe by Heston Bloomintrousers, in the style of Guylian – not to be missed

The below recipe has been developed by ‘Foodologist’ Heston Bloomintrousers in his Food Lab in the darks of Norfolk. It is from his upcoming show ‘How to make men ill’, where he works with top retailers, including ‘Pauls Fat Chops’, ‘Mrs Merriams Chicken Shack’ and ‘The Bloated Twat’. The recipes are an attempt to create […], better than sex, mainly because you don’t have to clean up any liquids

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It is important to know what device someones email was sent from i.e i-phone, HTC, Blackberry

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Exclusive extract from DJ Slaptruncheon’s tribute to the Beach Boys song ‘Surfer Girl’, I feel it holds true to the original, with the same gentle charm and harmonic sweetness

Please listen to this on headphones, or on speakers other than the computer ones, as you won’t get the full dynamic and harmonic range on rubbish speakers. Tribute to Beach Boys Surfer Girl [Click on the above link to play the track] Cartoons and things by Simon French