Delicious homemade seafood chocolate recipe by Heston Bloomintrousers, in the style of Guylian – not to be missed

The below recipe has been developed by ‘Foodologist’ Heston Bloomintrousers in his Food Lab in the darks of Norfolk. It is from his upcoming show ‘How to make men ill’, where he works with top retailers, including ‘Pauls Fat Chops’, ‘Mrs Merriams Chicken Shack’ and ‘The Bloated Twat’.

The recipes are an attempt to create foods that will be both intriguing and violently horrible.

The recipe for homemade Guylian seafood chocolate is the first of the range to be made public and will be followed by recipes which promises, thrills, spills, otter offal, bits of twig and many more surprises.

The latest treat!

For more info on the shows and on Heston Bloomintrousers latest creations go to:


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