Do dogs dream? Are cats happy? Does a mouse get lonely? Where do crows cry?

There is a general belief that all animals are stupid, empty, shallow wastes of time and even the touch of their claws/paws/hoofs, on this fair earth, is a sickening blight; but is this true?

Recent research by Dr Andhors Andhors, of The International School of Bolivia (ISB), has thrown doubt on the above and is leading to a new interest in stupid animals.

Dr Andhors spent three years, isolated from all human contact, with a bunch of these loser animals. He found that by the end of that time, he was not only happy with their company, but enjoying a number of very meaningful relationships, with a variety of different species.


Dr Andhors with his special friend, Benny the Pine-Marten

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When Dr Andhors released his findings in the respected, science-type, geeky and boring magazine ‘Nature’, there was initial shock at the images of him having sex with his new animal friends, but once everyone found out he was mental it was forgiven.

Since then Dr Anhors has had sex with the following animals:

The End.

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