Exclusive look at Team Sky’s new ‘Penny-Tandem’ design for 2012 Tour de France

The image below has been smuggled out of the Team Sky development complex, on the planet Zynalon 5, by a crack team of Lycra clad ninja children. It shows the new – UK designed and manufactured – road bike, that will hopefully carry Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins to their respective glories, in the 2012 Tour de France.

The bike is designed to allow for positional changes of the riders during the days stage, allowing the riders to tailor their positions to maximum advantage.

For instance; if the stage is mountainous, Bradley Wiggins (or Bradley Wiggins, as he is known in cycling circles), will draft (sit behind), a team member, but if there is a breakaway by a rival, he will quickly swap positions with his teammate and chase down the rival (enemy of Briton). In the case of Mark Cavendish (or Mark Cavendish, as he is known in cycling circles), he will draft his teammate in each stage, until he reaches the last 200-400m of the race and at this moment, he will swap positions with the teammate and unleash his devastating legs of fury, upon the faces and the very souls, of the other tarmac batterers.

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