Forget the recession and the depression; celebrate ‘Beards of Britain 2012′, as the finalists are announced

After the very disappointing turnout for the 2011 competition (see below), the judges for the 2012 competition were not optimistic of a great showing in 2012. However they were taken aback by the quality of entrants and the range of designs on show.

The most satisfying element was the return of many old bearded faces to the fold. Two returning champions – Brian Hawthorn-Destruction Smith (1998 & 2007) and Alexander Radical-Hipline Christianson (2001-2004 & 2010) – both returned with stunning new chin attacks; Smith with ‘A Tradition of China’ and Christianson with ‘Jerusalem is Breathing’, a new take on a modern classic.

There was also controversy at the event, with three entrants being disqualified for doping; happily down from 2011, where 24 of the 27 competitors were disqualified for use of EPO.

Along with the 2012 winners, we have included both 2011 and 2010 winner’s photos for reference.

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