Gordano Ted, the birth of a legend. Like SuperTed, but evil, and not super and he also hates Paddington

The early years

Born in Cusco – in shallowest, lightest Peru – Gordano Ted spent his formative years on his mothers Llama farm, rented from the tyrannical local landowner, known only as Uncle Pastuzo.

Ted worked on the farm from the age of three months old, supporting his mother and allowing his younger brothers and sisters, to travel to Lima, to get their educations.

By the age of five months, Ted was working twenty-three hour days, eight days a week (Peruviuan week), still managing to educate himself, by spending fourteen hours a day (Peruvian hours), reading anything that he came across, whether it be mud in the fields, or the wisps of hair on his ailing mother’s face.

By six months old, Ted was tri-lingual, bi-lateral and could hold a spoon in either hand. It was at this point that Ted’s life changed.

To be continued…

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