Little known sporting facts No.186, Usain Bolton had full leg casts when he won the 2009 Jamaican 100m sprint trial

It is only very recently that cameras have been developed with high enough Frames Per second (FPS), to capture the startling images.

Although it was known that Bolton was running with a genital cast – due to an unfortunate ‘rice and peas’ related incident – his coaches had kept it under wraps that he had broken both of his legs in the days prior to the trials, while he was out fishing with his dog, Lassie.

Following his remarkable success at the trials, Bolton – who is known for his super-relaxed warm up routine and chilled out demeanor – has claimed that he will competing in London 2012 in a full body plaster cast, with his right eye left uncovered and double-thickness casting over his head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.

Usain-Bolt-100mm-leg-casts[Click image to enlarge]

The image above was taken by accident on the ‘Lidl Super-Deluxe Hyper MAX SPEED Life Capture 3000’ disposable camera, by cameraman and sometime Irish folk dancer Donavan O’Biscuits. Donavan was out in Jamaica on honeymoon with his wife Sharon O’Biscuits and his dog, Lassie.

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