New help to develop the ‘BIG SOCIETY’. Free names developed by the Conservative Lib Dem Coalition that you can use for your local community groups

The following community group names have been developed by top people in the coalition government, to help local people establish new groups, to bring together their currently drug-crazed and gun-infested streets.

The names have been developed by Reginald Smeck, MP for Harrow and Greater Chum and Societal Psychologist, Percy Foxtrott. The two have been working in conjunction the Home Office in the development and implementation of ‘The Big Society’. Mr Smeck has been tasked with increasing the size of the current society, from its present size of 46%, to the projected ‘Big’ size, of 54%.

The names below should be used sparingly, as overuse will cause blistering of the hands. If blistering occurs, please contact your local Conservative office and describe the combination of names that you have used, they will administer and antidote name to your group, which should be used twice a week for a month.

Name List below:

  1. Lucid William’s Angry Letter, Community Group
  2. The Sordid Eyeball Troup, Community Group
  3. Larry Smith and The Peanut, Community Group
  4. Plymouth Mothers Against The Left-handed, Community Group
  5. Death Squad 9 and The Tulip Pickers, Community Group
  6. Sandy Cox’s Special Picture, Community Group
  7. Protectionism and reactionism and the boys, Community Group
  8. Chinny Reckon’s, I do believe in ghosts, Jimmy Hill and the Finite Quantity of Time, Community Group
  9. Billy says London is full of the souls of the unhappy dead, Community Group
  10. Randy Holme’s Rhythm Section and the antiquated mode of thought, Community Group

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