Part 12 of the guaranteed organic hyper-galactic Sci-Fi future classic ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Yes!

All of the biscuits were ruined.

Peralopolies uttered a small cry, lowered his pants and scuttled back to the docking bay. Arthur sat for a moment, then spent a bit longer sitting, which meant the moment was turned into an hour, then a week, then two months and finally a year.

When he tried to stand again he was unable to move and realised it was due to the rapid skeletal muscular atrophy that space travel causes in those without an adequate exercise routine involving dips and lunges. It was also the anniversary of the casting of his special concrete space suit.

Lupin the cat was distracted by light, time, the imagined and the real. “The light is easy to deal with…” he thought, as he closed his eyes “…and the rest can wait”. With that he began the long task of licking his past history out of existence.

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