Part 5 of the exclusive and revolutionary new novel, ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Time has coagulated and tastes of chicken.

Arthur sat back against the heavily upholstered left leg of Mrs Slefton and considered the possibilities that todays yesterday held for them all.

Lupin – for that was the cats name – was now fully de-inverted and stood beside the door, gracefully straddling time; his hind legs stood in the present past and his fore in the tomorrow future past.

Lupin’s hair, looked exactly like a cats hair, which had been attached by follicles to the skin of a cat, it had the delicate sheen of cats hair and was as soft as cats hair, with the distinct smell of a cats hair; it was his hair and he was a cat.

Lupin moved his left fore-paw and managed to gain ten minutes from the day before. The result of Lupin’s adjustments was to imbed a spoon into Arthur’s cheek, to send a perplexed Mrs Slefton into the kitchen and to lower Peralopolies pants a further ten millimetres.

Arthur noticed that the void pool was now fully coagulated and the hours that Lupin had collected had been turned into a thick butter. He removed all of his helmets, sat down onto the pressed aluminium stool, disconnected the spoon from his cheek and scooped a sample of the butter into his mouth. It tasted like chicken, chicken with thyme and time.

Cartoons and things by Simon French

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