Part 6 of the incredible new novel, ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. The Stuka attack and the contemplation of Lupin

Rápido, rápido de buceo, para la cubierta, van a venir y en un poco de velocidad!

Arthur did his very best impression of a man diving under a table; this involved a simultaneous smashing head-long into the edge of said table and also the blocking of an elegant and textbook dive that Peralopolies had performed. Arthur’s block on Peralopolies caused, amongst other things, a rebound effect into the already prostrate figure of Mrs Slefton, who had just prior to this, clattered into the eight foot, porcelain flamingo lamp stand that stood adjacent to, beside and next to the aforementioned table.

Lupin the cat looked on with his remaining eye and ignored the incoming Stukas; he was now of course too far outside of the time-frame of the others to even care. As he stroked his own face with his remaining paw, he found himself purring contentedly with his remaining vocal cord and thinking about the days he had sheared of the previous week, wondering, with his remaining powers of contemplation, what might have happened if he had swallowed the red pill.

Cartoons and things by Simon French

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