Part 9 of the sensational new novel ‘The Cat That Reversed Time’. Includes Lust, drugs, death, war, and other words that people might search for.

“I love you.” As the word left Lupin the cat’s mouth, he realised his mistake; the robot from the future let out a scream of terror and reversed straight back into the time portal, thereby ending all chance Lupin had of returning home.

At that very moment, in another place and in another time, Arthur was also looking at the end of something, but this was a very different end. Seconds earlier Peralopolies had removed his pants and it was to this end that Arthur was faced with the end that he faced.

Miss Slefton leant breathlessly against the freshly laid brickwork of her nuclear bunker and for the first time considered whether it would really hold out against a full scale attack. Arthur had told her to make it two bricks thick, but even with this additional layer, she still had major concerns.

Cartoons and things by Simon French

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