Photographs of a Curtis P-40E Kittyhawk, a warplane from WWII – As flown by my Grandfather

Below are pictures of the Curtis P-40E Kittyhawk that my grandfather flew during WWII.

He was a member of the British Army Corps and while stationed in France near the end of the war he managed to win the Kittyhawk from a drunken US pilot in a game of guess the penguin.

The paint job was done by the children of Loos, who had no idea what they were actually writing, but had a lovely time with the colours.

Messages were painted on the wings to bring luck

Kittyhawk backwards is 'Kwahyttik'

Kittyhawk backwards is ‘Kwahyttik’

The Germans cristened the Kittyhawk 'Das Kittyhawkenbawken'

The Germans cristened the Kittyhawk ‘Das Kittyhawkenbawken’

Pilots used to take sandwiches in the plane for lunch

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The P-40E was known as the ‘Sparrows Barrier Window’ by its pilots, due to the fact that when barrel-rolled it would remind French peasant girls of the need to black out windows while eating live sparrows.

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