The epic new ‘Quadrem Ranger’ mountain bike, a revolutionary design from the workshop of Simon French Bikes PLC

The ‘Quadrem Ranger’ (sponsored by Land Rover), is a four person off-road bike, with fully independent personal drive mechanisms, braking systems and suspension for each rider.

The team at Simon French Bikes PLC is proud to announce that they have just signed a consultancy deal with Eduardo Intercoursy, the world famous designer of the Gillette ‘Duo decuple’, the twelve blade razor system.

Simon French Bikes PLC will be instigating Senor Eduardo’s first decree, with immediate effect, which was something like “Añadir unas ruedas más sangrienta que la cosa!”, which in rough translación (via google translate), means “Add some more bloody wheels to the thing!”.

We have therefore developed the above mentioned and below shown ‘Quadrem Ranger’ mountain bike (sponsored by Land Rover).

The bike will be going through our strict testing systems immediately after we sell our first five hundred units, so rest assured, it will be as safe as any of our other bikes.*


[Click on image of bike to enlarge]

Best of the greatest of the regards,

Simon French, CEO, CBBC, MBE, CDT

*Simon French Bikes PLC hold no responsibility for the interpretation of this comment and will not be held responsible for the following injuries: Gouge of the groin, Eye entrapment, Tongue wrap, Fist insertion, Lady tooth, Entangled hair, Ear tremor, Knee lock, Squirrel interruption

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