The first few lines of a brilliant political espionage novel by Niels Arden Faster starring the famous detective Mr Spittle Eyes

The man with spittle eyes stood facing his office window. Shadows cast by the orange glow of the streetlight opposite him struck his face like blows from a Russian prostitute.

“What the fuck am I going to do?” he asked the empty room.

It was three weeks since his good friend Brother Desmond Desmond Hand-Frank Montenegro Jones VII, had been found dead, naked, slumped on the corner of 80th and Main Street, with a crude oil painting of the 12 Apostles on his ass and a note saying ‘Must get stabbed’.

As Mr Spittle Eyes downed his third blueberry Slush-Puppy he began to get the feeling that all wasn’t as it seemed with the death of Brother Desmond Desmond Hand-Frank Montenegro Jones VII.

For one, why had the body been slumped and not lying flat and secondly, why was it on the corner of a street, not just round the corner of the street, or a bit further down the street by a lamppost?

The only things that made sense were the state of undress; the 12 Apostles on the ass and the note, the rest just didn’t fit with the Brother Desmond Desmond Hand-Frank Montenegro Jones VII he had known.

Below is a preview of the proposed front cover for the Novel


Mr Spittle Eyes, the world famous detective

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Cartoons and things by Simon French

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