The three most amazing optical illusions you will ever see. Created by the genius illustrator Petechev Monx.

The three optical illusions below have been created by the reclusive Russian illustrator Petechev Monx.

Mr Monx – who has not been seen in public in the last 20 years  –  recently sent a batch of illusions to his great friend and publisher Dame Susan Sasun.

Dame Sasun released the following statement yesterday:

“Since the death of his writing partner – a Coy Carp going by the name of Michelev Chencanova –  in July 1991, Petechev has not published any new illusions and I was over the moon to receive  a bundle of his work in the post last Tuesday. Petechev also included a note with the illusions, that stated: “I will be returning to public life, but I am physically changed, and not in a good way.”

Please enjoy the magic of the illusions, which will be published in The New Scientist magazines August 2011 edition.


[Click on image to enlarge]

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