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New HS2 map following recent Dawlish storm damage

Following the damage to the rail line at Dawlish, the Department of Transport has released a map of the governments proposed extension to the HS2 line.

This will cost a further 43.87957 billion, but will shave off a stunning 3 minutes from the journey time between London and Torquay.

Talk of a suppressed report into the downsides has been played down by some liars in suits, but we can tell you that the non-existent report speaks of irreparable damage to the economies of Wales, Scotland, Iceland, Australia and Jamaica, and is likely to spell death for all Swansea based Catholics.

The PM has defended the new plans, stating “I would rather shoot my own children, than think about something rationally.”


‘Beards of The World’ 2013, a classic year

Previously known as ‘Beards of Britain’, the ‘Beards of The World’ 2013, breathed new hair on to the chins of all associated with the competition. With the change of name for 2013 and with two brand-new competition categories announced – including the first ever ‘Bearded Lady of Britain’ competition – competitors, judges, spectators, cleaners and […]

A very worrying illustration/diagram for a garden plant

The image below shows the danger of letting the creative mind free on illustration projects. It is advisable to always check the details of projects before signing them off, as it is the little things that slip thorough (so to speak), that can cause problems later on. [Click on image to enlarge (will enlarge whole […]

Just what you all need, a cartoon about windows

Isn’t it amazing how much condescension builds up on old windows. [Click on image to enlarge]

An elementary Thatcher joke

“She’s the lady who put the Fe in Female.”