Thirty-three words that will help you, if you are found naked, in a field of cattle, near Butlins

These words must only be used in groups of three, or more and fired in sporadic bursts at the hearer.

  1. As
  2. Slid
  3. Failed
  4. Hand
  5. This
  6. Hurt
  7. Auntie
  8. Also
  9. Hope
  10. Open
  11. I
  12. Liquids
  13. With
  14. And
  15. Me
  16. Preserve
  17. In
  18. Holiday
  19. My
  20. Is
  21. Remarkable
  22. Together
  23. Would
  24. Ripe
  25. To
  26. Dignity
  27. Heifer
  28. It
  29. Have
  30. Butlins
  31. Left
  32. Dog
  33. A

Please use the examples below as guidence only:

Example A. I am on holiday in Butlins and I have failed to preserve my dignity, as I have slid my hand in to a ripe heifer.

Example B. It is remarkable, my liquids slid together with my dog, to open this ripe heifer and I hurt my Butlins.

Example C. I left my dog in Butlins and my Auntie left my hurt hand in my dog liquids, to preserve my hand.

Example D. I slid my ripe dog and hurt my holiday auntie.

Example E. Heifer, dog, auntie, would open together, as Butlins failed to preserve hope.

Example F.  Why does crow go forward granny? Him done you badly today silly man. Whence goeth you over yon Centre Parks?

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